Thanks to the relationships that we have established with Publishers, Registrars and Webmasters, your website will be displayed on thousands of different domains. This allows us to provide Geotargeted Website Traffic from almost any country. Our network contains over 12,000 web properties that generate over 15 million unique visitors and 50 million daily impressions. We then use our enormous traffic resource to drive real, unique visitors to your website. We’ve worked hard to ensure that we provide quality website traffic to our clients. We never use bots or fake traffic sources, we only provide 100% genuine traffic from real people.

Yes, All Traffic is REAL. Your Site is Promoted on Thousands of Websites and on Social Media.

While some clients have reported sales and opt ins, we are not able to control this. Sales and/or opt-ins are NOT Guaranteed, as well as specific bounce rate or time spent. We, naturally, cannot control visitors’ actions.

Yes, you will be able to track most of the visitors on Google Analytics. We will also provide or Bitly Analytics for Live Tracking.

There are many reasons for this:

  1. The most common reasons is the website loading time and 503 server errors due to a cheap hosting plan, or even of using a free/trial hosting plan, not enough server resources available (like RAM); if your hosting plan is overloaded then you should change it as soon as possible.
  2. Google Analytics and a lot of other tracking systems don’t record all visits, specially if the visits are under 1 minute. This is because some websites have slow loading time and users can leave your site before it finishes loading.
  3. Please avoid using any web traffic filters or related plugins, or captchas, cloudflare or other things that filter your traffic. The reality is that most visitors will leave your website asap since they have to type captchas and hence the visitor will not be counted.
  4. Analytics uses cookies to count the visitors. If a user has cookies disabled then the visitor will not count.
  5. If Google analytics is not installed correctly on your site, or is installed in a couple locations of the site. This will affect the visitor count of your site. Please make sure that you DO NOT have Analytics twice on your site or before the Footer. GA should be placed before the < /head > tag. Placing the tracking code twice or at the end of the < body > code will miss visitors that click quickly through the pages.

These are just some of the reasons why you are not able to view all the traffic. Please make sure that your site is completely optimized and you will be able to view the majority of the visitors on your site.

Yes, we can send visitors to your offers, However, Sales, Opt-ins / Sign ups are NOT Guaranteed.

NO, we Do NOT accept adult sites.


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